View Full Version : R3 film in jobo

peter ramm
8-Dec-2010, 18:32
I am making my first trials of a Jobo 2200 using 8 x 10 Rollei R3 film in a 3500 drum. Presoak for 3 minutes, developed in 850ml (just two sheets) Rollei RHS 1:9 for 14.5 minutes and fixed in TF-5. Whew, lots of new things all at once. I was trays before, and never with this film, developer or fixer.

What I see is that the exposure is about what I expect for ISO 100, but the neg is very grainy. There are vertical bands running through. These can be seen in the atached crop.

Grain: Anybody used R3 in a rotary processor? How about TF-5 with R3? If the rotary agitation is overdeveloping (= higher ISO with R3) maybe I underexposed and am just pushing the film a whole lot?
Bands: Mystery to me. Far as I can tell I loaded the film into the tubes about right. Emulsion side in, notches up, pushed down to bottom.

I'll try again tomorrow but my experience is that things generaly do not fix themselves so any advice would be appreciated.

Brian C. Miller
9-Dec-2010, 13:33
Did you use this on a Jobo processor, roll it by hand, or a motorized base? The reason that I ask is because of rotation speed. The drum should be rotating at a minimum of 60RPM. I recently got similar banding, but barely discernable, and I am sure that I rotated the drum too slow.