View Full Version : Does a Sinaron S 300mm 5.6 fit on a Linhof Technikardan

31-May-2002, 06:23

Well the subject line says it all: Does a Sinaron S 300mm 5.6 fit on a Linhof Te chnikardan?

Basically two questions:

1) Does the rear element fit thru the hole in the front standard of the TK.

2) Does the copal-3 shutter not interfere with the front standard

I have no mechanical spec's on the Sinaron lens like the dimensions of the rear element (for that matter: also no specs of the Rodenstock original of this Sinar this lens), therefore this question.


Bob Salomon
31-May-2002, 07:53
Is it an Apo Sironar S or the Apo Sironar N or the older Apo Sironar W?

First all #3 shutters fit the TK and the Technika 45.

Second any lens with a rear element larger then 80mm will not fit the hole in the body.

joe freeman
31-May-2002, 09:37
If the rear element is larger than 80mm, something I used to do was just unscrew it, than screw it back on through the rear of the camera after I took off the ground glass.

31-May-2002, 10:20

Question is more or less answered:

Rear barrel is 80mm in diameter, hole in TK is also 80mm. Sounds like a tight fit.