View Full Version : Goerz Blue Dot Trigor

Lara Murphy
2-Jan-1999, 14:54
This summer I was introduced to 8 x 10 and soon purchased my first lense. A friend told me about a 14inch, Goerz for sale at a local camera store. It was an older lense but in great shape. It's a 14 inch, f11, Goerz W.A. process. It also has a blue dot painted on it. I was hoping someone could tell me something about it, ie. history, coverage. I can't find any info anywhere! I've seen "red dot artars" around, but no blue dots. The actual red dot is inset in the barrel, where as th e blue dot is painted. Is this ok? Anyways I bought it anyway, and I've had no complaints!

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
15-Jan-1999, 22:09
FWIW, I just came across an older Shutterbug add which had one listed for $800.00. This add is about 2 years old and I think it was a private individual, not a business.

20-Feb-2002, 01:53
I've got a like-new one of these that I pulled off a process camera that was being junked. I havent had a chance to us it yet (no shutter), but they are supposed to be A++ and are very rare. They are priced high, but dont seem to sell well. I tried to sell mine this winter and got no replies (not FS anymore), and I've seen them hang around photo stores for years. Probably the fact that few people know what they are (or how good they are) keeps the demand low.