View Full Version : Storing MT without cam

Andrey Vorobyov
8-Dec-2010, 04:53
Dear all,
I've recently read the Linhof brochure (1964) about Super Technika 5x7 and found an alarming sentence: "Do not close the camera without inserted coupling cam, as this might cause damage to the rangefinder transfer system".

Is the same restriction valid to MT 4x5"?
I often close mt MT without any cam; am I damaging anything?

Bob Salomon
8-Dec-2010, 05:11
The Master Technika is sold by the factory without a cam installed. No problem storing it without a cam.

Andrey Vorobyov
13-Dec-2010, 05:18
Thanks, Bob.
Have you any idea why they raised such a warning for the Super Technika 5x7?
Any specifics there?

Bob Salomon
21-Dec-2010, 07:48
No idea why.

The only place where I can find anything that refers to closing the 57 camera without the cam is on page 53 of the Grosbild Large Format Photography book where the last instruction for closing the camera makes the statement "Do not close the Super Technika without inserting the rangefinder cam". But it does not say why and the camera was not packaged with a coupled cam from the factory.

The same book on page 46 has the instructions for closing the 45 Super Technika V (same instructions for the Master Technika) and the statement about inserting a cam is not made.

Since I have not handled the Super Technika V 5x7 since it was discontinued in 1986 I simply do not remember what the instruction book said or what why that specific instruction was necessary.