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Richard Cove
30-May-2002, 20:34
I have an older Schneider Press-Xenar 135 f3.8 lens for a Linhof Tech III versio n 5. The lens is marked in red "Linhof". Serial #4167121. I would like to fin d information re: the lens and in particular technical test results. There are some for the Xenotar 135 f.3.5 but nothing I can find on this lens. I am especi ally curious re: circle of coverage, as it handles swings etc. quite well but is much less capable re rises and falls.

Doug Paramore
31-May-2002, 09:01
Richard: The Xenar is a four element tessar design. The lenses are quite sharp, especially at the center, but have limited coverage. The 135mm just covers 4x5 and you have discovered, but gives a small amount of rise and shift. When used on the verticle format, you start getting cut-off corners with a small amount of rise. The lenses have excellent contrast. The ones marked "Linhof" were supposed to be specially picked. The lens should give you good service for general photography with little or no movements. A plasmat formula will work better when movements are required.


Thomas Vaehrmann
4-Jun-2002, 02:09
Hi Richard, Schneider claims an angle of view of 62 dg. for the 4.5 Xenar and 60 dg. for the 3.5. That makes 161mm image circle for the 4.5/135mm and barely 152 for the 3.5/135. While the 4.5 Xenars are sharp and good stopped down, my experience is that wide open they tend to be a little bit softer. The slower version should be the better performer. Schneider droped the 3.5 in favour of the Xenotar.

3-Apr-2008, 03:45
(I know it is an old thread)
Do You have a link to a page describing the 3.8 version?

7-Nov-2009, 10:34
There's someone on eBay selling an 8x10 with a Press-Xenar 135/3.8. That would seem to imply it can cover 8x10, although from htis htread, I find that doubtful.