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7-Dec-2010, 02:07
Hello again,

I have a new-to-me lens with a compound shutter. I have read that these things shouldn't be worked in a setting (is it the 'T' setting?) by pulling on the cocking lever ...

Can I be given clear instructions on its use please. It is a late 60's model I believe.

There is a flash sync terminal. There is a cocking lever. There is a speed dial. There is an aperture 'lever'. There is another lever that looks like a cocking lever but it doesn't seem to do anything ... its on the other side of the shutter from the cocking lever.



Peter K
7-Dec-2010, 02:44
Steve, looking at the front of the shutter (and lens) the right hand lever is the cocking lever, not be used when the shutter is set to the "B" or "T" functions. In the fuction "B" the left-hand lever - and the cable release - opens the shutter when pressed. In the function "T" the shutter opens when the left-hand lever is operated and closes when the left-hand lever is operated a second time.

In the function "M" (moment) set the speed dial to the speed needed, if the right-hand lever is operated the shutter can be released either by the left-hand lever or the cable release.

The sync contact, a X-contact, closes if the shutter is fully opened, in function "M", "B", and "T".

Have fun


7-Dec-2010, 03:07

Many thanks!

I didn't want to destroy this newly aquired shutter.

The operation is rather involved compared to the Copal and you've provided a succinct summary.

Thanks again.