View Full Version : UV Filter question

Sal Santamaura
30-May-2002, 10:17
Any filter will only degrade flare performance of the lens, though just slightly because of the filter's multicoating. Depending on UV content of the scene and your desired rendition, a UV filter may "improve" picture quality despite marginally greater flare.

Pete Andrews
30-May-2002, 12:04
If the UV filter is on the end of a good, deep lenshood, it might improve the picture quality! ;^)

neil poulsen
30-May-2002, 12:43
If one's in a uv prone area, such as high altitudes, it can improve picture quality. But, that's not related to the filter being multi-coated, only to it's being a uv filter. Note that Schneider multi-coated lenses also provide uv and infrared filtration (without a filter).

If Schneider uses the same multi-coating on the filters that they do on their lenses, it seems reasonable that a Scheider MC coated filter could provide some IR filtration, as well.

Larry Gebhardt
31-May-2002, 08:01
Neil, do you know to what effect Schneider's coatings block IR? I was planning on getting some 4x5 IR film and using my Schneider lens - old single coated 90 SA and 240mm Tele Xenar. Would this combo work?