View Full Version : replacing a wista focusing screen.. do i need a ground glass

5-Dec-2010, 23:59
So i ordered a new wista fresnel (the one with the focusing circle in the middle and wista in the corner) and it came with just a piece of clear glass (not ground glass)

Do I need to add a piece of ground glass to the equation (like a 3 layer sandwich of gg,fresnel,clear glass) or do I just use the fresnel and clear glass??

Doremus Scudder
6-Dec-2010, 01:10
The Fresnel screen from Wista is already a sandwich made of a plastic viewing screen and Fresnel lens. Make sure you install it so that the word "Wista" is correctly oriented (i.e., not reversed) when viewing. The sheet of clear glass is the protective cover sheet. It goes on over the top of the Wista screen to protect it (i.e., on the outside).

To install, remove the two brass spring clips from the existing ground glass and remove the ground glass. Install the Wista screen in its place, making sure the it seats properly. Place the clear glass cover over it and then reinstall the two spring clips.

That shoud be all you need.

Hope this helps,

Doremus Scudder

6-Dec-2010, 01:36
Thanks!!!! That helps a lot ... I was experimenting and put ground glass in front and it was blurry... Then removing it everything was crystal clear....

Bob Salomon
6-Dec-2010, 02:31
You need a Wista gg the Wista fresnal and the protective glass. They are available as a sandwich or as individual pieces. You can go th Houston Camera Exchange and order all of what you need at their show next weekend or order the correct parts from Wista service at 252 652-4401.