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5-Dec-2010, 11:41
Does anyone know where to get pre-made shutter curtain material?
I have a Thornton Pickard shutter that I'm trying to restore for my 1905 Century 8x10 camera. It's very old, but seems to work perfectly aside from the curtain material needing to be replaced. I would need a piece 4 inches by 16 inches to make what I need. Any insight as to where I can purchase this size piece of shutter curtain material would be great! Thanks in advance. :)

I'm also looking to replace the rubber ring that attaches the shutter to the lens. I figure I'll just get one at the hardware store, but if you know of somewhere that sells some specifically for old shutters, let me know! Thanks again!!

6-Jan-2011, 19:50
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Nathan Smith
6-Jan-2011, 21:59
I don't know if 9" x 11" is big enough, but Micro-Tools has this:

Looks like they have a bit more as well:

... and here's an APUG thread where someone was looking for something thinner than that:

a Japanese site: http://aki-asahi.com/store/html/curtains/shutter-curtain.php

... and a Graflex.org thread which discusses the Japanese site:

7-Jan-2011, 03:15
For the 5 TP shutters I've restored I've made my own shutter cloth which works well.

I use Reeves Acrylic black artists paint which I work into a thin black fabric, this is then flexible but fully light tight. The trick is to wipe any excess paint from the cloth surfaces. You can use the same technique to re-light proof the original shutter cloth.


7-Jan-2011, 10:16
thank you for the responses. I plan on contacting micro tools to see if they have any larger size available. Unfortunately, the aki-asahi webstore is unavailable right now, but I have it bookmarked and will keep checking back. I also don't really have the "guts" to make my own shutter curtain material just yet for the one shutter I own that fits the camera. I'd rather have one that works and buy another to tinker with. It definitely sounds like a fun project. thanks again...any additional insight would be great! :)

23-Jan-2011, 04:47
PM sent re-shutter cloth.


Paul Fitzgerald
23-Jan-2011, 13:38
"Does anyone know where to get pre-made shutter curtain material? "

It's called 'Pro-Tuff outdoor fabric' from Oakhurst Textiles, you can google it or check Wal-mart, they carry it in the fabric department or will order it for you.

It's a polyester canvas outside, perfectly smooth ultra-flat black inside, .017" thin, flexible enough for bellows but stiff enough for large bellows. It's intended for boat awnings and covers, tough as nail, will outlast the camera, UV protected, waterproof and completely LIGHT-TIGHT. Perfect choice for your shutter.

23-Jan-2011, 21:13
Thanks for the message Ian. I'm definitely looking forward to trying out your fabric. And thanks to you too Paul! It will be great to give both fabrics a try to see which works best with my old shutter. I really appreciate all of the feedback from everyone. :) Now if I can only calibrate this thing once I get the curtain back in. :rolleyes:

Paul Ewins
23-Jan-2011, 22:09
The aki-asahi shutter cloth is what I have used for smaller T-P shutters, but it doesn't look like it would be big enough for your needs. They may sell it in larger pieces though.

24-Jan-2011, 07:32
Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually thinking about ordering the large sheet of fabric from Aki-asahi or micro tools and somehow making it work too. :)