View Full Version : 110XL doesn't fit lens board

Jason Frank
28-May-2002, 23:36
I just purchased a 110XL and lens board, which arrived unassembled. I unscrewed the rear element and retainer rind, but then the board would not lay flat again st the back of the shutter due to a small screw protruding from the back of the shutter. What am I doing wrong?

tim atherton
28-May-2002, 23:40
take the screw out - you don't need it


David R Munson
28-May-2002, 23:41
You have two options. You *could* file a notch to accomodate the screw. It's supposed to make the mount more secure, I suppose, and keep the lens from twisting on the board once mounted. In most circumstances, it's really not necessary, and I think most people just unscrew the screw and mount as normal. Might want to keep it around somewhere, though, just in case.

Pete Andrews
29-May-2002, 05:45
File a notch. It's the 'right' thing to do, and you'll thank yourself when you don't have the lens coming unscrewed from the board every other week.Lensboards don't come ready notched because different photographers prefer different orientations for their lenses.