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Ulianov Pavel
29-May-2002, 10:22
I try to find out somebody who knows something about Littman 45 Single. I'm from Russia St.-Patersburg and I wish order this camera, but I don't know any dealer or even producer.

Oh, help me please!


Steve Hamley
29-May-2002, 10:47

If you do a google search (www.google.com) you'll find:



It is a Polaroid 110B modified with a Gralok back for use with 4x5 sheet film. I t was given a mention in American Photo in October 2001, I think. Has anybody used this or seen this camera? Would he care to comment on it?

-- Erik X (xx@xx.com), December 21, 2001



Steve Grimes.
30-May-2002, 08:13
Louis at Photo Gizzmo (http://www.photogizzmo.com) is a dealer for these. He had a dealer sample on hand when I visited his shop in NYC yesterday.