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Bob Haight
28-May-2002, 11:04
In the 4 x 5 what lens do you prefer most for non portrait general shots? Thanks

Doug Paramore
28-May-2002, 11:10
90mm and 180mm.


28-May-2002, 11:28
Bob, I probably use the 210mm focal length more than any other.

28-May-2002, 11:49
210mm for me too.

Colin Carron
28-May-2002, 11:52
The 90mm and 65mm are the ones the get out of the bag most often.

Kevin Crisp
28-May-2002, 11:53
Bob: Do you intend this as a different question from the usual "if you could only have one lens..." question? The fact that people use a particular lens the most often probably doesn't mean (or doesn't necessarily mean) that same lens would be the one and only lens they would want to have on hand.

Donald Brewster
28-May-2002, 12:29
Another vote for 210mm.

Bob Haight
28-May-2002, 14:46
Kevin: My question really is, I guess, where most people shoot in this format; whether towards gentle wide or short telphoto. It appears the 210mm is popular. I have the 150mm and am looking towards that second lens.

Dave Schneidr
28-May-2002, 15:11
Bob, If you have a 150mm lens I would suggest a 240mm if your next requirement is a longer lens. I have a 150 and 210 and these are closer in length than I would like. If I were starting over I would perhaps get a 90,135,210 and 305. As it is I have a 90, 150, 210 and 305 and the 150 and 210 are too close while the 90 and 150 gap may be a little big.


Kevin Crisp
28-May-2002, 16:06
Bob: In that case, what matters is whether you find yourself out in the field with that 150, most often wishing you had something a little wider or a little longer. I think something in the 110-120 range is a must, so for me that would be next, followed as soon as I could afford it by a 210 or 240. A three lens combination of 120/150/210 or 110/150/210-240 is very, very versatile. And the 240 would be something small and light like a G Claron, not one of those mounted in a Copal 3.

dan nguyen
28-May-2002, 17:40
I would go a but extreme for a 210mm and a 75mm...for all purpose most the time I use the 210mm...

Enrique Vila
28-May-2002, 17:47
I just rearranged my lens collection, to a 90/150/210 combination.

This will do to most circunstances.

Dick Roadnight
28-May-2002, 18:20
I use 250mm most of the time on 66, so I would expect to use my 480mm Sinaron (no longer made) most on 54 - I like to pick out details from landscapes.

I use 66, 69, and 6x12, and have 47XL, 90, 150, 240, 360, 480, 600 and 900mm lenses

28-May-2002, 21:18
135 or 180

jose angel
29-May-2002, 05:25
I feel so comfortable with my 110XL. It's taking up almost my last shots.

Scott Walton
29-May-2002, 10:36
I started off with a 210, went to a 90mm than a 240 and somewhere along the line got a 135, an Imagon and the most recent (about 2 years ago) got my 360mm. When I go out now a days, I mainly shoot with my 210 and my 360 except for the perverbial wide landscape with my 90... Once you shoot with a longer lens with 4x5 you'll get addicted, well, at least that is what happened to me.

Jim Galli
29-May-2002, 13:04
The one that frames the scene best. At least 1 of each mentioned so far. If you're asking from the perspective of a want-to-get-started beginner, 210 is awfully useful for many things and generally allows you to make every mistake possible with movements because of it's generous image circle.