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2-Dec-2010, 10:43
Hi everyone new to the board looking forward to become involved in large format photography again. I had a Toyo 20 years ago sold everything and here I am 20 years later starting up again. I just purchased a used Horseman 450lx w/ three lenses, Indigo tripod with ball head, Polaroid 550 instant film back, Sekonic LM. 20 years ago as you all know there were no great forms like this. I'm very excited to be bitten by the bug again and learn from this board.

arkady n.
2-Dec-2010, 11:35
Welcome to the forum

Sirius Glass
2-Dec-2010, 15:58
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum. Now I am no longer the new guy on the block.


Brian C. Miller
2-Dec-2010, 17:20
The only film for the Polaroid 550 is the Fuji FP-100C45 (or 100B45 if you find a bit someplace). It's OK, and it is possible to recover the negatives.

Feed the leader on the outside of the rollers, and the actual tab for the print will come through the rollers after you pull the leader. The leader tends to not quite come out all the way, so I keep a bit of tape to stick on the leader and pull it out a bit.