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Robert Jonathan
1-Dec-2010, 20:01
This question was brought up in another thread, but the link to what looked like the answer didn't seem to work for me, so, I'll start my own thread...

I was wondering if you could actually use any size Sinar P/P2 frame on a Sinar X rear standard, given the fact that you're not supposed to be able to change out the main frame on the "X" model, even though I KNOW for a fact that it can be removed (just not as easily as on a P2, right?).

I don't have experience messing around with removing a Sinar X frame, because I actually don't own an X right now. I'm thinking about getting one for digital work in the future, and possibly 8x10. I use a Horseman LS-45 right now (which uses the same size lens boards as Sinar... Yay!).

I was concerned that maybe I'd have to mix and match a Sinar X front standard with another Sinar model for the rear standard if I wanted to do 8x10, for example.

So what's the deal with the compatibility between Sinar P/P2 frames and Sinar X standards, and how would you go about removing and installing P/P2 frames on an X model?

Any help is appreciated.


Keith Pitman
1-Dec-2010, 21:56
I have an X that was converted to accept P2 rear frames (I have a 5x7 and did have an 8x10). It was a simple parts exchange that was facilitated by an Ebay seller "apogeebee" when I bought the 5x7 back. You do have to position the front and rear standards at other than the zero positions for the lens and ground glass to be centered on each other. If you get into this, contact me and I can give you the settings.