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Clumsy Eddie
1-Dec-2010, 19:55
I have a recommendation for a used Cambo monorail for my newest (old) 4X5 camera. My question is: how do I match up lens board, lens, and what else would I need to know for starters? I've seen the basic cameras at KEH, but they don't come with a lens board, and I would guess that I need a Cambo lens board? Also, how do I match up lens board opening and lens shutter size?

And is installing a lens *in* a lens board something I could do myself, or is it best left to a pro? I read Steve Sint's book years ago, but I could find no clear directions for mounting a lens. I therefore guessed at the time that it was best left to the local camera shop pro.

Thanks to all who reply.

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1-Dec-2010, 21:25
You could use a Cambo lens board, or an adapter board that will allow you to use smaller sized boards. The most common adapter boards are fro Linhof Technika, and I've seen a couple for Graphic and Arca boards.

The most common lenses are in #0 or #1 shutters, and they will fit boards that have 35mm and 43mm sized holes.
See http://www.largeformatphotography.info/shutters.html for more information.

PM or email me if you would like a Cambo board for a no.1 shutter.

Installing a lens is simple. Unscrew the front and rear groups of cells from the shutter and keep them aside safely. Place the shutter in the hole the right way up, with the controls at the angle that you are comfortable with. There should be a retaining ring or flange that will hold the shutter in place. Don't over-tighten this ring. Screw in the lens cells into the shutter, taking care to replace any shims that may have been placed there at the factory. That's it!