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Dan Boardman
1-Dec-2010, 19:55
I posted this question earlier today in the darkroom equipment forum (still there) - sorry if some have read it there but I thought more folks would read and respond in this more appropriate forum - should have paid better attention

THAT SAID.........

Just joined the forum after buying a Crown Graphic for some large format B&W image making. Couple questions - I do have some darkroom equipment including a JOBO CPP and lots of drums including some expert drums. I have 12 cut sheet film holders and will be processing up to that many negs at a time. Think I will start with some T-Max film.

What is/are the best developer(s)

What's the best way to process - tank (which one) or the JOBO CPP?

Thanks much


1-Dec-2010, 20:55
You can find lots of information by searching the site for film/developer combinations, metering, and how to get the most out of your film/developer.
There isn't a "best" developer or film, it depends what you like. Try out some different film, read a bit, look at photos that interest you, try a different developer, read more, ask questions, etc etc.
Same with processing; I like JoBO tanks, others prefer film hangers, or shuffling film in trays, or paying a lab to do it.
The fun is in the learning and experimenting, and cursing.:)
The search button will get you almost anywhere you need; if it doesn't, ask a question.
Good luck!

1-Dec-2010, 22:06
Hours of video on developing methods, plus almost any other question you may have on LF photography.

Play with various search strings on the Youtube.com web site.

1-Dec-2010, 22:41
BTZS tubes -- but go the whole hog or is it turkey at this time of the years and talk to the View Camera store.



John Kasaian
1-Dec-2010, 22:56
IMHO bullet proof developers for TMax sheet film are D-76 and Tmax RS.

Jess C
6-Dec-2010, 09:54
I have always like D-76 diluted 1:1. Very consistent IMO.

Bruce Watson
6-Dec-2010, 14:24
I went through a progression of development methods until I found one that I couldn't screw up. Well, without putting some effort into it anyway.

I started with trays. Found many interesting ways to screw up with trays, from uneven development to scratches. What I learned is that I'm not consistent enough to get the results I want from tray development.

From trays I went to BTZS tubes. These work quite well, but I still managed to get uneven development from them. Again it's a technique problem -- I'm just not very good at it.

From BTZS I went to a Jobo 3010 tank on a Jobo CPP-2. This gives me excellent results, every time. Nothing for me to screw up; the machine is very consistent.

Constant agitation has its advocates and its detractors. I'm not saying it's right for everyone, just that it's right for me.

One of the problems with constant agitation is that it doesn't work well with very active developers like HC-110. At least I couldn't get it to work well for me. I ended up using XTOL with a 1:3 dilution. More recently I've started using XTOL 1:1 which gives similar results but puts less strain on the motor of the CPP-2.

Works great with Tri-X and TMY-2. Haven't felt the need for anther developer or film in years. :D

6-Dec-2010, 17:02
Think I will start with some T-Max film.

Jobo Rotary Processing & T-max Film & T-max Developer

Tried and true combo. Good for the beginner, good for the expert.