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30-Nov-2010, 21:16
Was looking at Fujinon 360 lenses on ebay recently and noticed a decent, recently serviced W (lettering on outside, had shutter release replaced at Marty's Camera Repair?)

sold for "Buy It Now" $500 while an older A with lettering on the inside sold for around $909.

Any idea if the sale prices generally reflect the value of these two lenses (they obviously do to the buyers) -

just wondering on the relative merits of the older, smaller, APO

to the bigger W, with I expect newer coating (but not APO).


-- sg

Brian C. Miller
30-Nov-2010, 22:52
Here's a couple of previous threads about Funijon 360:
Fujinon 360 W 6.8 or Rodenstock 360 6.8 Sironar-N (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=33983)
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I don't know about the exact specifications, myself. Fuji doesn't seem to publish the information on the web.

Ron Marshall
30-Nov-2010, 23:30
Lots of Fuji info:


1-Dec-2010, 07:20
Thanks for the info. I was already aware of threads here and Kerry's site. Looking specifically for comparisons or anecdotes re: the older 360a (with inside lettering) to the 360w with outside lettering - (not sure if that makes it newer for Ws or if they were always lettered outside, or are always newer than inside lettered As), APO vs. not APO, older/single vs. newer/multi coating, etc., ideally from someone who has shot with both of these lenses, e.g. the older 360 A/APO and 360 W - and if it makes sense that an older APO in similar condition, went for $400+ more than a possibly newer, heavier, non-APO version. And, anyone heard of Marty's? Experiences?

Drew Wiley
1-Dec-2010, 17:20
Very different lenses. W is a big heavy plasmat in a no.3 shutter. A is close-range
corrected in a no.1 shutter, so much lighter wt, but still with huge coverage, but is
rarer and commands higher prices. Inside lettering usually indicates an older single-coated lens, outside lettering a multi-coated one. Even a single-coated A in clean
conditon would probably fetch more than an MC W. More often, however, the 360A
comes up for sale MC itself. If you can get a clean one for a grand you have done well.
They are fantastic lenses for 4x5 thru 8x10, and possibly even larger.

1-Dec-2010, 18:54
Thanks for the info. I purchased the W but fear it has fungus (arrived today) - these photos are of the inside rear element (light scratches too). It's not extremely obvious until you look for it. Is this fungus? I feel like I need to send this back - was advertised as EXCELLENT (100% feedback - only 1 sale :) - any point to keeping this? It doesn't look quite this bad just looking through the lens, but it is discouraging.

more images:






1-Dec-2010, 19:47
I have had some success cleaning lenses I got like that for $20 or so. Usually never back to original condition, though. So, I'd get this thing back in a box to the seller. (unless it was $20 ;) )

Like pointed out above, the A and W are totally different lenses.

There are only a few lenses where lettering on the inside vs outside makes a big difference. The 210mm for sure makes a huge difference. The 120 makes a small difference. The 250 6.7 makes a big difference, but all are lettered on the inside anyway.