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30-Nov-2010, 20:54
Anybody got any idea where one can buy 4x5 Polaroid for a decent price.
Anywhere in the US.

Frank Petronio
30-Nov-2010, 21:29
Yeah it's called Fuji Instant.

Doug Herta
30-Nov-2010, 21:41
"Decent price" and instant films have pretty much always been strangers to each other. For 4X5 one of the options at this point is the Fuji peel-apart film:


and the pricey holder:


You can look also look for a used Polaroid 505 holder that will hold the Fuji Film - lately on fleabay the used holders have been going for more $$ than a new one (?!).

Another option is the smaller size film and the Fujifilm holder (PA-145) or used Polaroid 405 holder that works in 4X5 spring backs as well.

One final option is a traditional 545/545i holder and rolling the dice with expired Polaroid film from various suppliers. The holders are going cheap because the films that use them are going away, but folks appear to want a lot for expired film that does not age very well.

If someone knows of less expensive and depressing scenario for instant films in large format, please let us know!


Brian C. Miller
30-Nov-2010, 22:16
The Polaroid 550 holds the Fuji 4x5 film (FP-100C45 and FP-100B45).

The B&W Polaroid film does hold up, but you have to give it a longer development time.

1-Dec-2010, 05:35
Polaroid hasn't produced a thing in several years. Fuji has picked up the peel-apart market, but only with packs, not with individual sheets. So a 545 holder is pretty much a doorstop unless you have some old stuff on hand. The Fuji pack films come in two sizes, the traditional 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 size used on consumer Polaroid cameras, and the larger 4x5 size. The former will fit in Polaroid 405 and Fuji PA-145 holders (in addition to cameras, like the Passport, that are still in service), and the latter will fit in Polaroid 550 and Fuji PA-45 holders.

Unfortunately, Fuji does not sell a product like the old Polaroid Type 55 film that produced a durable negative.

Rick "who'd buy it if they did" Denney

1-Dec-2010, 06:10