View Full Version : Sinar F2 locking lever problem

Richard Aroner
30-Nov-2010, 15:35
I just received a near-mint F2, very high quality equipment. I have encountered only one problem. The swing lock lever on the rear standard seems impossible to open. I've tried with all my strength short of breaking off the lever and it won't budge. The front standard is no problem. Looking at the ground glass, I assume the lock lever should move to the left to disengage, as it does up front. Is there a good solution for this type problem?

30-Nov-2010, 18:08
Below the lever, there should be a screw with a slot. The screw may have been over-tightened. See if you can loosen it.


Bob McCarthy
30-Nov-2010, 18:44
The screw may be covered with a plastic cap, btw. The screw refered to pins and adjusts the arc of travel of the lever to the frame.


30-Nov-2010, 20:50
It moves to the right, so the opposite of the front, much like the levers for tilt move in opposite directions between the standards.