View Full Version : URGENT, 4x5 camera body needed in Mumbai

30-Nov-2010, 12:18
Hi everyone

I just got one of my camerabags, containing my Chamonix 4x5 body, stolen on the train to Hyderabad, India.

I have done six weeks of work here in India and, now, desperately need a new 4x5 camera body (taking technika boards) to be able to finish the last two and half weeks. I any of you know of a large format dealer, great second hand shop or a photographer in Mumbai willing to lease his gear for two weeks, please let me know. It means a LOT to me to be able to finish this project.

I am lucky still to have all my lenses, film, tripod, holders, meter, accessories, passport etc, but without a 4x5 body it all gets me nowhere. I have looked through ebay.in with no results. If anyone can offer me a good deal on a Master Technika/Technikardan/Ebony in Mumbai, I am all in.

Thanks in advance....