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29-Nov-2010, 23:20
Hello everybody,

How do we identify a Canham serial number ?
How could we date a Canham ?

Thanks for your help !:confused:

Best regards

30-Nov-2010, 01:29
Why don't you ask Keith Canham ?

30-Nov-2010, 03:24
I would be pleased to have an e-mail adress so I can ask him directly.
Where can I have it ?
Best regards

Steve Goldstein
30-Nov-2010, 04:36
Google is your friend.

30-Nov-2010, 05:12
but not god !
I would be happy if anyone know how to contact him by mail

30-Nov-2010, 05:48
This is from the Canham website:

Can I contact K. B. Canham by e-mail? To provide the best service possible, all of the people working at K. B. Canham Cameras, Inc. work building cameras. Therefore, we do not have an e-mail address for K. B. Canham Cameras. Many of our dealers have e-mail, and are happy to respond to your e-mail questions. We can be contacted by telephone at 1.480.250.3990. If you get our answering machine please leave you name and phone number and Keith Canham will return your call.

Rick Moore
30-Nov-2010, 11:50
If you do call Canham and leave a number, you will get a call back. Two of the nicest phone conversations I ever had with a vendor have been with Keith.

I have an 8x10 Traditional purchased new in late 2000. It's in the 8101xx range.


27-May-2017, 00:34
Google is your friend.

Outside of being rude this thread was the first hit on Google for "canham serial number"

To save the frustration for the other people who find this thread, the serial number is on the inside of the rail. If you release the fresnel screen while the unit is folded that's where the serial number is.

27-May-2017, 01:58
On my 8x10 Traditional number is on the tripod plate165426

27-May-2017, 02:04
and from Canham Facebook page:

27-May-2017, 09:55
Google is your friend.

It's called overlooking the obvious. Way too many posters are unwilling to do their own legwork! Many of these questions they could find answer for themselves by doing a search on the WWW or this forum! The search function will lead you to a wealth of knowledge on this forum.