View Full Version : Poco Rem 4x5

Jerry Cole
27-May-2002, 00:29
Has anyone ever heard of a 4x5 camera made by the Poco Rem Company? It says pat ent 1894. Thanks, Jerry

Colin Carron
28-May-2002, 07:44
There were lots of lightweight folding bed plate cameras made around this time coinciding with a huge vogue for cycling. Rochester made a number of models with names like poco, reko, premo etc but my personal favorite name is the Pocket Cyko.

Ron anger
31-May-2002, 10:41
Rochester Camera Mfg Co.(Not Rochester Optical)Made a number of models starting in1893..3 1/4 x4 1/4 up to 8x10..4X5 came in models 1-7,A,B,C. Black leather covered wood body often with B&L or Unicum Shutter, If someone really wants this thing they may pay up to $150.00 but probably not on Ebay.