View Full Version : Shen Hao Wilderness 8x10

28-Nov-2010, 17:37
Has anyone used a Shen Hoa Wilderness 8x10 camera? It is an all metal folding field camera that is similar in design to Shen Hao's wooden cameras. Would you provide a review if you have experience with this camera?

Roger Leslie

28-Nov-2010, 17:47
I see from a previous post that it is not a Shen Hao. The manufacturer is Wilderness. Has anyone actually used one of these?


Daniel Stone
29-Nov-2010, 21:36

but it looks pretty cool



Mike Stacey
31-Aug-2011, 17:23
great camera. Compact and relatively light. Bellows very supple and rear standard can be slid forward for very wide lenses. GG is a bit coarse but with a fresnel it's fine.

Roger Cole
31-Aug-2011, 17:39
Good thread about it here:


Looks cool. If I ever move up to 8x10 I'll be interested. (I just can't get past the idea that I really want to be able to enlarge and I don't have room for an enlarger the size of a small car nor a truck to go pick it up with once I found one.)