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27-Nov-2010, 20:19
I have this lens
on this camera

The lens has 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 writen on it, but the camera is 8x10. There is a smaller rectangle marked on the ground glass. I'm wondering what kind of coverage I can expect, and if I cna get any other information about the lens. Searching the internet got me limited results. The top two buttons cock and release the shutter. I'm not sure about the two fittings on the bottom, but one has a hole so I'm assuming that it's for a pneumatic release. Any information is appreciated.

27-Nov-2010, 20:54
At f4.5, it's probably not a wide angle lens. The image circle may not reach into the corners of an 8x10 frame, so there may be some vignetting. If the image circle covers the corners of 8x10, the image quality probably won't be very good there.

It still may be a very usable lens if you don't mind cropping the image some. Some people say 6-1/2 x 8-1/2 is a pleasing format for contact prints.

28-Nov-2010, 06:09
I don't understand. You have the lens, on an 8x10, and you're asking us if it covers? I don't know, does it cover?

Otherwise, Conley made nice lenses early on, then became a house brand for I believe Wollensak. So it's probably a Velostigmat Series II, just with the other name on it.

The Optimo shutter was one of the best Wollensak ever made. They were the top of the line for a couple of decades. They almost always work when you find them. Yes, the bottom fittings are to trip the shutter pneumatically.

Jon Wilson
28-Nov-2010, 07:08
Yes, you use the tubing and bulb as your "cable release" to fire your cocked shutter. If you need tubing and bulb, send me a pm. Jon

28-Nov-2010, 07:54
It may also be of use for you to know that it covers more of the 8x10" film when you focus closer than infinity. Closing down to the smallest stop (f64?) also gets you more coverage.

4-Apr-2018, 07:51
I have a Series V. Conley anastigmat with shutter speeds that say Conley safety T,B, 1~1/100th Lens says F:6.8 6"1/2x8 1/2"; Equivalent focus 10 inches, what size format should I use this on to have some tilts176680 and swings?

4-Apr-2018, 09:57
I believe the Conley series V is a rebranded Wollensak Velostigmat series I. You have an early one. The later ones were f6.3. The series I has good coverage. Wollensak claimed in their catalogs it would cover 2 plate sizes above the marked size. I think your lens could be used as a slightly wide lens on 8X10 with some wiggle room for movements.

I have a later f6.3 series I Wolly that covers like my 12" Dagor.

4-Apr-2018, 10:07
Thanks,,,,,,,, I guess I can also use it on my Grover 8x10 with a 5x7" back on it?