View Full Version : Zone VI conversion or just a label?

Jim Michael
27-Nov-2010, 19:32
I have a Pentax spot meter that is supposed to have a Zone VI conversion. It has a label on the exposure dial that has the Zone VI Studios zone chart. How can you tell if the meter itself has the conversion with the filter etc? Did Zone VI sell the labels to place on the dials of unconverted meters?

Keith Pitman
27-Nov-2010, 19:48
Yes, they did sell the labels separately. I have several spares. I think you would have to have an expert (Ritter) look at the inside to tell. The good news might be that some don't believe there is a significant, practical difference between modified and unmodified Pextax meters.

Gem Singer
27-Nov-2010, 21:22
Zone system labels for the Pentax digital meters can be purchased or downloaded for free from the internet.

A more permanent label was attached to the handle of the meter by Zone VI.

It reads:"Modified by Zone VI, inc".

Those labels were not sold separately.

Jim Michael
28-Nov-2010, 18:30
Thanks for the clarification.

28-Nov-2010, 19:16
Many are sold as converted that are not converted, they just have the two dollar dial label on them.