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Paul Corcoran
27-Nov-2010, 13:35
Hi All,

I have just stepped up to large format photography and I have a Sinar F1 camera. I have been looking for an instruction manual and found a link to a manual here


however this is a very old thread and the link doesn't work anymore. Does anybody have this manual or know where i can download it? I am particularly interested in the folding down section as i plan to get out into the field quite alot.

And also i'd just like to say hi as i'm brand new here : )

Thanks for any help,


27-Nov-2010, 14:01
Basically, you remove the bellows and then you fold the front standard backwards, "over" the back standard which is folded forward. Easier to do than to describe.

Is it something like this you're looking for?


Welcome - you're going to have a lot of fun here! :)

Paul Corcoran
27-Nov-2010, 14:30
Hi Jimi,

Thanks for that. I'd seen this manual before but i think there is a much older and better one out there for the sinar f which is the one i'm looking for. i've seen it on a few websites for sale but i'm sure it'll show up at some point.


27-Nov-2010, 15:09
Okay, I see.

Here, on page 12 (fig. 17) in this manual you can see in one picture what I tried to describe in many more words about the folding action:


Not the same camera, but you get the idea. :)

Paul Corcoran
27-Nov-2010, 15:37
Wow thats some diagram, thanks man