View Full Version : Solarizing Polaroid pos/neg & outdated stock

tom meyer
26-Apr-1999, 01:42
I asked this question in the B&W Film Forum, but someone here might have some in sight as well. Please excuse the cross over, if you've been there and done that.

I have succeeded in making a polaroid 665 neg solarize by peeling it (post expos ure and normal processing) under a 75 watt light bulb, at about 3 inches from th e light. It's more like a reversed out line around the edge where shadow meets l ight (there's a name for that, but it's late.zzzzz....). My problem is it's not very consistent, does anyone have experience achieving this effect? How? please/ thank you.

Phase two, is I'm looking for really old 665 or Type 55 film...like 10 years old , or more, please email me if you have any old stock. Thanks...t