View Full Version : Recovering a Linhof Technika

craig nye
25-Nov-2010, 18:17
My Technika's original grey covering (now an off-colour stained brown) was peeling off everywhere and quiet scuffed and poor looking, so I've ordered a new covering from Camera Leather in black. I have stripped the old cover and carefully removed all of the old shellac from the camera, even its bare state it looks much nicer than it did.

I have a question though, the camera has quiet a few small thin metal sheet covers that go over screw holes and access points on the camera that where also previously stuck down with shellac by the looks of it. Many of these are still in place but a few have come off, does anyone have any recommendations for a semi-permanent adhesive that could be used to secure these back in place carefully before applying the new covering?

Frank Petronio
25-Nov-2010, 19:24
I think they are just dust seals so you might just tack them down with minimal glue, something like Ambroid, and let the covering carry them.

I recovered two Technikas (and several Leicas) with cameraleather coverings, they work great and you didn't have to get them super clean because it sticks very well. With mine I didn't pry them up.

craig nye
25-Nov-2010, 19:42
excellent, thanks Frank. unfortunately some of mine just came off, i tried carefully to remove the shellac leaving these covers in place and a majority have :)

i'll go down the 'minimal ambroid' route!

Frank Petronio
25-Nov-2010, 19:56
$50 covering = $400 increase in the camera's resale value lol