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24-Nov-2010, 17:43
Hi all,

I'm in the market for a 4x5" field camera and have narrowed down my decision to a Walker Titan SF. My only telephoto lens is a rather big and heavy Rodenstock APO-Sironar-S 5.6/300 (Copal #3, 1210 g/2.67 lbs).

Will a Titan SF offer enough support for this lens even at "portrait-extension" (around 370mm)?


Warren Clark
24-Nov-2010, 18:18
Hi mgeiss,

As you suggested the 300 sironar is a heavy lens an will be unwieldy
on the Walker. Consider something lighter such as a Nikkor 300 M
or a Fuji 300 C or A. I use the Fuji 300 A on my Walker and other

Excellent camera --have fun !

Warren Clark
Ft.Collins, Colo.

25-Nov-2010, 00:48
You could also consider the Rodenstock 300 Apo Ronar. Although this is a process lens its performance at infinity is excellent. It is a small and light lens.

25-Nov-2010, 04:14
Thanks Warren and Scotty!

Of course a lighter and more compact lens would suit the Walker mouch better, but given that i don't mind the bulk of the Sironar, will the camera be overstrained by it?

Warren Clark
25-Nov-2010, 09:59
Hello again,

I think the Walker is strong enough for the heavier lens.
Another consideration is the width limitation on the front
standard-- the distance between the inboard retaining nuts
for the tilt controls is 105 mm and a 3 size shutter may not
fit or be very tight. You can measure yours.

Warren Clark

25-Nov-2010, 10:12
Good point!
A Copal #3 Shutter should physically fit in there (102mm diameter). Whether the controls remain accessible is another story.

25-Nov-2010, 11:17
I asked Mike Walker via email and here is what he said:

I do have customers that use the very same lens, it turns out that they don't
have a problem with the camera.
I would think that you will be able to use maximum extension , the camera may go
down a small amount on the front, this may mean that you will have to make sure
it is still level, Please remember that you must hold the front when opening the
knobs for rise and fall, you will find that your little finger will go under the
front when doing this.

So i think i will give it a try before buying a more compact 300mm. :)

David Karp
25-Nov-2010, 12:19
If any folder can hold it, this one can. It is very rigid.

25-Nov-2010, 14:17
If any folder can hold it, this one can. It is very rigid.

You're not wrong. I once tried to twist a front standard that Mike had lying around. Their was the tiniest bit of movement but my face was turning purple with the effort. Its one hell of a rigid camera.:D