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23-Nov-2010, 22:10
hello. I've read a lot about different leads and options for replacing bellows on view cameras. Although there's a wealth of options and resources listed, I was wondering if anyone had any experience replacing their own bellows with the replacements advertised on e-bay. They apparently are made to coordinate with specific models but don't come with the mounting plates. The following links will take you to products for sale...



I was able to remove the old bellows from my camera and return the frames to perfect condition. I'm wondering if I can insert the frames into the new bellows as they originally were?

Any experience that you can share would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

George W.
24-Nov-2010, 03:46
I have the 810M version (viewcamera), not the monorail version 810G.

Regarding bellows they should fit both BUT:
-there is a real messup with internal ordering numbers from TOYO
-they normally do not specify the nominal length for the different types
-I interpreted the catalog data that there would be three different sizes:
----one for 810M: "short"
----one for 810M: "long"
----one for 810M: "long"
I finally phoned up the Toyo dealer, who assured me that there was only
*one* model for all Toyo 8x10" cameras. ????

So basically you have three choices:
1. contact your Toyo dealer, and buy whatever he recommends
2. just take your chance and order from Asia
3. or get a quotation from:
They will ask you to provide the old frames, and the old bellows.

I have good experience with CustomBellows, and I recommend them.

Please let us know of the outcome of your repair project.

24-Nov-2010, 10:43
Thanks so much for your reply. I'm going to call Toyo today and see what they have to say. Custom Bellows in the UK has been recommended to me quite a bit. I'll be in touch with them also. After I way out my options and make a decision, I'll be happy to let you know how things turn out.

Again thanks,

25-Nov-2010, 08:41
I repainted mine with black acrylic paint. Use Mars Black as it is non toxic. Perfect results. Paint cost was around $6.