View Full Version : Rotaslide / Arca Swiss / P45

23-Nov-2010, 20:28
Does anybody know what "without Transport" refers to when talking about Arca Swiss mounting plates for digital backs.

24-Nov-2010, 02:27
It refers to the ability of the back to change from the vertical to the horizontal composition without removing the back from the standard. It's a rotating back (both the gg and the digital back are rotating).

24-Nov-2010, 07:17
Sorry, now only I see what you meant - "without film transport". That means the same as without a roll film holder. (on the Robert White site.)

24-Nov-2010, 13:02
it means that you canīt use a hasselblad film back because it hasnīt transport gitzmo

24-Nov-2010, 19:52
Should I be able to attach a P45+ to this adapter and have it work. By work I mean focus on a ground glass and then mount this plate with a p45 attached and get an in focus shot? If I used it on a rotaslide should it work?