View Full Version : Bargain?

Tony Lakin
23-Nov-2010, 10:08
I just purchased a Sinar Norma 8x10 on Ebay UK, kit included 5x4 reducing back, compendium, standard and wide angle bellows, 7 x 5x4 dds, 1 x 8x10dds, all in fitted Sinar case, I paid 450 (about USD630) did I do OK?

23-Nov-2010, 10:10
You purchased it; you are happy with the acquisition; so YES you did okay!

23-Nov-2010, 11:08
Yes it is ,The norma is one of the nicest monorails ever made, though not as finessed as the P2 it is a classic camera and one that will last for some time ,when I was assisting they were the camera of choice and many a photographer cursed the day they traded them in for a P, as to cost, what you paid is a very good price indeed