View Full Version : Printing 35mm with Beseler 810 light source

william hannigan
25-May-2002, 17:39
I am trying to print 35mm with a Beseler 810 cold light head on a Beseler 45V XL enlarger. I am wondering if I need to place anything between the light source a nd the negative. Any filtration, glass etc. This is the first time I am using th e head with the small negatice adapter. Thanks.


Kevin Crisp
27-May-2002, 13:31
Bill: I've had this enlarger for 12 years and only tried 35 mm on it a couple days ago. It works fine, I didn't need anything special to tone down the light source. The square box should be turned so that the light source is lower, not in the upper 5X7/8X10 position. If you have an interest in VC paper and don't have the current V54 light source, I highly recommend it. Changing the tube is a pain, and if you break it, mercury goes everywhere, but the results are worth it with the new VC filters. Good luck.