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21-Nov-2010, 11:22
I am using a 8x10 Unicolor Drum for my 4x5 sheet film. So far I am only developing two sheets at a time. I know about the "hanger" spacers that was describe on this web site, but wondering has anyone made something else that would allow developing 4 sheets at a time? I tried the "Hanger" spacers and failed (the thing fell apart):mad:



21-Nov-2010, 11:42
Gary, I just use a regular plastic clothes pin... I will mention though that you nee dto remove the chromed spring, and replace it with a piece of plastic tubing of suitable size to act as the hinge point. Then I use rubber bands to hold the two halves of the clothes pin together against the hinge. Works great

If you leave the spring in there, it will turn black and flake off the coating and settle into your film.... Tell me how I know this :-)

Jim Noel
21-Nov-2010, 12:15
Take a plastic eraser. CUt it to about 3/4"x1" and about 3/8" thick.
Looking at the 3/4 x 1 face, cut a "V" about 1/4" long from the center . This is much harder to describe than do. Basically you will be cutting a groove which fits over the "V" in the tube.
This is the way the original separators are made. I have had two for more than 20 years and they work well.Put in two pieces of film, slide them to the bottom, insert the spacer, then two more sheets.


David Swinnard
21-Nov-2010, 14:33
Jim, any chance of a quick picture...I know this is a visual field, but I just can't seem to visualize what you're saying. (or maybe it's my deficiency with words showing up here?)


21-Nov-2010, 16:06
I have a rubber/foam fatigue mat in my darkroom. I noticed it's the same thickness and material as the original spacer (I have one). I just tracked it and cut it. Piece of cake!

25-Nov-2010, 09:18
I've tried cutting a plastic eraser, for some reason, it splits. Is there any other way making spacers?

25-Nov-2010, 14:38
Try cutting one out of the plastic lid to a coffee can. Use an X-acto knife and I think it can be shorter in height due to being a bit stiffer than the original. Being thin might also reduce eddy currents, not that I notice uneven development with the original.


Bob Chambers
25-Nov-2010, 18:03
When loading my unicolor drum with 4x5 sheets I put a small 45deg fold in the right upper corner of the first sheet and another in the left corner of the second sheet. The fold is small enough not to intrude on the exposed area and keeps the sheets seperated. fold it back flat when drying.

19-May-2011, 16:47
I had been using the clothespin meathod...with occasional sliding of film, then it got worse...I ended up at a hardware store, bought a 1 1/2 inch rubber boot for plumbing (the type with the metal tightening collars on either end), and made my rubber spacer with the middel fo the boot, cut to 1 inch by 5/8 inch...I finally feel like I can run 4 sheets at a time!