View Full Version : 8x10" Portra400NC /Availability in EU&US

George W.
18-Nov-2010, 12:44
Does anybody know whether this film is still available somewhere
in Europe or US?

I think it is still listed on sites like B&H, but I am not sure whether
their websites are not updated, or whether they are selling old stock.

Thanks for information from anybody who was buying recently this film.

Daniel Stone
18-Nov-2010, 13:04
hey George,

give them a call. They should be able to answer your questions about stock on hand, dating,etc...

800-606-6969 or 212-444-6615


Tim Povlick
18-Nov-2010, 13:11
Hi George,

I purchased 5 boxes through the local store (Nelson's Photo) who special ordered it through a distributor. The expiration date was mid 2012 I believe.

I see Badger Graphics still has some but looks like B&H is out. Jeff at Badger had always let me know if the film is short dated.


Jan Pedersen
19-Nov-2010, 19:52
Freestyle also list it in stock.
The new Portra 400 in 8x10 is available from Adorama, just ordered some to support Kodak's effort to bring this out in 8x10

George W.
20-Nov-2010, 00:16
The news that the *new* Kodak Portra400NC is available in 8x10" is fantastic news.

I feel it vital, at least for my photography, to have colour negative material available
not only in ISO160, but also in ISO400.
The Portra400NC 8x10" is currently the only choice left in the Marketplace to fill this

I was quite upset when Kodak announced that the *new* Portra400NC will no longer
be available in 8x10". I had planned to visit the Kodak stand at the Photokina, and let
them know my frustration, for time reasons I did not get to them.

1.has anybody a link to an official statement from Kodak that backs up this new
2. If anybody else has had personally in hands a package of this new film, please
report back here.

Many thanks for these really good news!

A.J. Dickson
21-Nov-2010, 07:57