View Full Version : 65 & 120mm lenses, add a 90mm?

Frank Bunnik
17-Nov-2010, 03:08
Hi, I use a Cambo Wide with 5,6 65mm lens and a Super Symmar 120mm HM lens. I use this for landscapes, trekking etc. I choose these lenses with the thought that if I needed a less wide view, I can crop the scanned image without loosing much, if any, quality. So the 65 can be cropped to a 90mm and the 120mm to a 150mm.

I now have the opportunity yo buy a Cambo Wide 8.0 90mm lens. It adds about 1 kg extra weight. Is the 90mm much different in perspective compared to the 65mm? I shoot both 4x5 and 6x12.

Thanks for your help, Frank

17-Nov-2010, 03:25
The 90mm is significantly different to the 65mm, it's approx the equivalent of a 28mm compared to a 19 -20mm wide angle on a 35mm camera.

I use both on my 5x4 and the 90mm is a far more useful lenses, less wide angle exaggeration of the perspective. With 6x12 this is less important as a 65mm is only slightly wide in terms of the horizontal aspect.