View Full Version : Versalab Archival Print Washer

Robert Lowe
24-May-2002, 00:06
Versalab Archival Print Washer - This washer seems to be priced much more reason ably than most others. Has anyone had experience with this device and does it l ive up to its claims of efficiency and archival processing??

neil poulsen
24-May-2002, 00:23
Check the archives under "Darkroom" and look for the following thread:

anyone using the Versalab print washers?

I think that you will find the information for which you are looking.

Henry Ambrose
24-May-2002, 10:12
I have a Versa Lab washer - it works great. The main container is molded in one piece from heavy duty plastic and I think you could drop it from a speeding car and only scuff it a bit. It'll probably last forever.

John Kasaian
24-May-2002, 11:21
FWIW, I have the versalab washer. Good stuff!

David Karp
24-May-2002, 12:06

I have the 11x14 version. Works well.

Mark Sampson
24-May-2002, 12:25
the 16x20 takes a little more watching than my smaller washer, but it does a great job.

24-May-2002, 13:47
Robert, I have an 11X14 Versalab and like it very much. The reasonable price is based on the fact that it is made of much less expensive plastic materials than the clear acrylic types, which are cemented together. It's built like a "battleship", simple to operate, and easy to clean. However, part of the reason for the low price is because it comes in kit form, and the compartment dividers require assembly and final finish.

R. McDonald
24-May-2002, 15:32

The Versalab is Great! I have the Big Beast, which I modified to hold smaller sizes up near the top. After two years it looks as good as the day I put it in service. One thing that I would add, is that these are very heavy when in use, and in general take up a lot of space. So only order the size you really need, you won't do as much swimming with the smaller one....