View Full Version : Converting an Arca 110 to Dynamic Orbix?

John Schneider
16-Nov-2010, 10:27
Does anyone still do this conversion? I just got an older 110-171 F-Field and I'd like to add Orbix to it.

16-Nov-2010, 11:19

The ORBIX conversion can only be done at the ARCA-SWISS factory .
I got my conversion done at ARCA , when ARCA was still in Switzerland .
I don't know where you are . Might be that today some trained technician in the U.S.
can do it . But I do doubt that .

The conversion can be used with an ARCA 110-110 , 110-141 and also 110-171 set up .
I use the first and third version .

I hope this helps .