View Full Version : 150mm Sinaron SE DB mount to copal 0 shim?

Sven Schroder
15-Nov-2010, 12:24
I have a 150mm sinaron se (red stripe) in a Db mount for sinar shutter and a Copal 0 in need of the correct aperture scale. Should I remount the lens myself? there is a shim on the front element which makes me wonder? or can anyone recommend a UK repair shop to do the work? or source of correct aperture scale? Anyone done a remount like this?
Thanks and regards

Phil Hudson
16-Nov-2010, 00:19
I would just do the remount yourself, with the shim. That's all most repair shops would do anyhow. Conduct your own film tests to see if the performance is up to your standards. Robert White and Linhof and Studio in the UK can supply the aperture scale (same as Rodenstock Apo-Sironar S and Apo-Sironar N 150/5.6). Last time I ordered scales they were about 35/pair and usually take 2-3 weeks.

Sven Schroder
16-Nov-2010, 02:14
Thanks Phil
I'll get on the phone then. I've done G Clarons, Germinar W and Perigon before.