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15-Nov-2010, 09:04
I have seen an add yesterday about selling a pinkham and smith visual quality under an ebay user specialized in car parts. The item description was on a jpg, and was removed very quickly, and oddly enough the item is not accessible anymore (item #260692544747).

The guy, Thomas White, is asking us$2000 and to be only contacted by email with this address: sales464@gmail.com

I contacted the real ebay user and told me his account has been hacked last Friday.
I was about to jump in, but though the whole thing was a bit odd... Just like when I got picked-pocked 2 months ago (had to run after the guy and got my wallet back)...

Maybe some of you saw it, and hope nobody did jump in.

15-Nov-2010, 09:40
This happens every week or so; the listing appears on Friday or Saturday, and disappears before the Ebay fraud police can get to him.

I've complained several times. All of his store listings show the same listing style, with a buy-it-now price to be negotiated via email.


If it looks too good to be true, it probably is...;)

Lachlan 717
15-Nov-2010, 13:26
This has been going on for ages.

S/he has been trying to sell 6x17 stuff, 600mm Nikon super tele lenses, Linhof cameras etc.

I think I've reported these listings up to 50 times!

Just keep an eye out for the poor quality cut'n'paste blurb in the body of the listing. Then simply report it. It will be gone in an hour or two.

And, as you say, Bruce, if it seems too good to be true...