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Todd West
21-May-2002, 00:48
I've an opportunity to purchase an immaculate Fujinon 150mm f/5.6 W at a fair pr ice. Oddly enough, Michael Gudzinowicz's lens specs lists this lens's coverage as 245mm. The follow on 150mm f/5.6 CMW has only 223mm, despite having a 67mm f ilter diameter verus the W's 52mm filters, so the W's 245mm seems oddly high.

Unfortunately the seller of the W has already sold his 4x5 body and I have yet t o acquire mine, so it's not possible for us to simply measure the coverage circl e ourselves and Kerry Thalmann's Fujinon specs list doesn't include coverage. A ny additional information about the W's coverage would be much appreciated.


tim atherton
21-May-2002, 01:10
Where you looking here?



150mm CM-W (67 filter) 224mm coverage EBC

150mm NW (52 filter) 224mm EBC

150 W (46mm filter) 245mm Single coated

150 (40.5mm filter) 198mm Single coated

(But then there alwyas seem to be annomolies from misprinted brochures...!)

Might want to check here too


tim atherton
21-May-2002, 01:21
whoops - first two lenses should have been 223mm and 224mm coverage respectively

Kerry L. Thalmann
21-May-2002, 02:28
"Kerry Thalmann's Fujinon specs list doesn't include coverage"

Sure they do, you just have to know where to look (it is a bit buried)! Try:


This is for the multicoated version of this lens. As stated above, the coverage of this version is 224mm.

The 245mm spec you site was for the older, single coated version. Fuji claimed a coverage of 80 degrees for the original single coated W series. Some have fou nd this claim to be a bit optimistic (the image circle is indeed that big, but t he performance falls-off rapidly as you approach the full 80 degrees).

So, the question to your buyer becomes which version is he selling. The easiest way to determine this is the location of the lettering. "Inner Lettering" = si ngle coated; "Outer Lettering" = multicoated. For more on inner and outer lette ring and single coated vs. multicoated, see:



Todd West
21-May-2002, 03:18
Wow... two thorough answers in the time it took me to grab dinner and drive home! =) I've actually seen and inspected the lens already and believe it's probably an EBC NW/NWS---it's definitely an f/5.6 to f/64 in a Copal 0, outside lettering, and had reflections which looked about right for EBC if Kerry's photos are indicative.

Both Kerry's remarks and the subgallery comments suggest the spec sheet is probably incorrect when it lists the lens as having 55mm filters---the subgallery has 52, which matches the front cap on the lens I saw. Of course, the spec sheet and subgallery coverage numbers agree, which means they might both be wrong. ;~)

At any rate, it should prove a bit more useful than the Symmar S that's my principal alternative option (slightly wider coverage and one less stepping ring to deal with). Thanks guys!

21-May-2002, 09:22
Todd, I have the Fujinon 150/5.6 W (and it does has a 52mm front thread). It's an excellent lens--sharp, contrasty, very compact with very adequate coverage. If you can get one at a good price, it's hard to beat.

John Hennessy
21-May-2002, 20:49
Ditto what Ted Kaufman said! Haven't found a lens I would replace mime with. Don't even look any more.

Todd West
21-May-2002, 22:11
Well, I bought the lens tonight. That should make everybody happy, me included. :-) For those interested in such things, it's in a Copal C shutter. Serial number 536990.

Now, if I can land that 240mm A I've been after...

22-May-2002, 06:32
If you find two of those 240A's, save one for me!

22-May-2002, 10:42
Todd, Midwest Photo Exchange (mpex.com) has a new Fuji 240A listed on their website under 8X10 lenses. You may want to look up the phone number on their website, and call Jim at the store in Columbus, Ohio. He is their large format person. Jim is going to Japan on a buying trip in the near future. He may be able locate a good used 240A for you at a very reasonable price.

Todd West
25-May-2002, 22:35
Eugene -- I managed to snag the near-mint 240 A in Copal 0 I was after for well under half of Midwest's asking price. I may ask them to keep an eye out for a 90 NSW, though. =)

Ted -- Only other 240 A I've seen is the one at Midwest.