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13-Nov-2010, 11:53
Hi All
So I bought a Kinematic on evilbay, at a half decent price.
When it came it only had eight [not ten] septums in it.
I have spare grafmatic septums which appear to be identical so have added two, however it then jams, seems to work OK with nine though.
Anyone have any helpful tips?

13-Nov-2010, 12:12
Pretty minor differences in height may add up beyond the tolerances once you stack ten. It might be that the septums are slightly thicker or thinner, whether by design or through aging. If your Grafmatic septums are unused or at least known to be good, and a stack of eight bent and a good one works, while 8+2 fails, I'd simply try with ten of the Grafmatic spares or the highest count of fresh ones you have (6+4 or whatever). If it systematically refuses to work with more than one Grafmatic septum, there obviously must be some difference in the details, otherwise I'd put it down to age related bending of the original septums.

13-Nov-2010, 12:19
Whats a Kinematic?

13-Nov-2010, 12:44
A Grafmatic competitor - slightly simplified but holding ten sheets.

Chauncey Walden
13-Nov-2010, 16:24
Which it does by being very slightly thicker and having septa very slightly thinner. If the 8 + 1 works I would think that is the best you could hope for.