View Full Version : Soft Focus Lens Test from 1916. Struss, Verito, Heliar, Unar, Dallmeyer

13-Nov-2010, 05:45
Please see http://www.antiquecameras.net/softfocuslenstest.html

or click here (http://www.antiquecameras.net/softfocuslenstest.html)

13-Nov-2010, 06:24
Thank you! Very informative, enlightening and well written. Liked his description of lens effects, very accurate.

Steven Tribe
14-Nov-2010, 02:57
Interesting - but I will have to read it again a few times, I think.
The problem is the image qualities! Apart from the interference patterns, the photo reproductions are as doubtful as others from this period. I have a series of photo magazines from the same period which suffer from the same lack of definition. They were aware of the problem at the time and the "pick of the bunch" were made on real photo paper and stuck in the pre-printed and bound magazine.

Jim Galli
14-Nov-2010, 10:08
Very fun to read through and see what the folk almost 100 years ago were saying about the same lenses we banter over now.

Anybody got a 24" Struss they want to sell me? I've not seen one longer than 12 inch.