View Full Version : Scanning 4x5 Polaroids

20-May-2002, 15:40
How large can 4x5 B&W ISO100 Polaroid prints be scanned and printed, and still l ook reasonably good? I know this is subjective, but I've seen 4x5 Polacolor pri nts that are quite acceptable when reproduced photographically as 16x20 dye tran sfers. TIA

Wayne Campbell
22-May-2002, 10:05
C'mon out there, you aren't trying! I was curious about this, too. Can't somebody send an answer?

22-May-2002, 14:33
I've scanned 4x5 polaroids and printed them out 20x24 (epson) and they look really nice, they are not tack sharp but very nice. I use a epson 1100 flatbed, the big trick is to keep dust from sticking to them when they are drying, not some much a prob for b/w which dry very fast but big concern for slow drying color. Give it a try it won't hurt.