View Full Version : Looking for a good 210

Noah B
10-Nov-2010, 14:50
Hey all, I'm currently shooting 8x10 and using a schneider f/9 repro claron. Love how compact it is, but I get a little bit of fall off at certain distances. Does anyone know of a good all around 210 lens? I'm not so concerned about movements as I am wanting to shoot wide apertures with no fall off. Thanks

10-Nov-2010, 15:21

Daniel Unkefer
13-Nov-2010, 19:04
For the money the Schneider 210mm Angulon, in an air-powered Compound shutter, does just fine on my 8x10 Sinar Norma, with a bag bellows. Since it is a Dagor-formula, there are many alternatives. It's also very portable considering it's image circle. The 210mm F8 Schneider Super Angulon is another choice, but it's a beast of a lens.

Eric Leppanen
13-Nov-2010, 19:15