View Full Version : FFD for Wollensak 90/6.8WA

10-Nov-2010, 11:39
Im in the process of building my own 6X9 P&S style camera, im using a old Mamiya Press 6X7/6X9 roll film back and a Wollensak 90mm f6.8 W.A. lens in a Graphex shutter.

Ive been searching up and down for an accurate means to calculate the Flange Focal Distance for this lens, im in the process of building the lens cone and have reached a road block as far as measurements.

Im curious if anyone has any experience with this lens? or if anyone can help me calculate the correct FFD?

My goal is to have a Hyperfocal distance of 6ft (3ft to infinity in focus?)
Ill be using this camera mostly for Candids and landscapes.

Please excuse my ignorance, as im relatively new the LF world!
Really excited to get this camera built and get out shooting!

I also understand that 2X3 is considered MF in most circles.
Thanks! any information would be helpful!