View Full Version : Singh-Ray Reverse ND

9-Nov-2010, 18:21
I'm planning to get a Singh-ray reverse ND filter. I don't have much experience with these filters. Should I opt for the 2 stop or 3 stop filter? Which would be the better general use filter of this kind?

Greg Miller
9-Nov-2010, 18:56
I use my 2 stop the more than my 3 stop. If you scan your images then you might want to start with a 3 stop since you can always selectively brighten the highlights if 3 stops was too much.

9-Nov-2010, 19:06
I have the three stop version and really only use it for the rare sunset shot when the horizon is completely flat. Another option is to use a 3 stop grad filter upside down in your holder. You'll never see the edge of the glass and you can trim off the last 1/4" of the filter where the text is if you're worried about that. Try it, it works.