View Full Version : sheet film notch code ID

8-Nov-2010, 17:14
Purchased a 2x3 Galvin w/film holder. 2 pieces of film appear to have been exposed. I want to try devloping it. I don't recognize the notch code. See attached.

Louie Powell
9-Nov-2010, 04:54
Doesn't look like a factory code. Could have been a situation where someone cut down some film, and then added notches to identify the emulsion side.

10-Nov-2010, 08:12
If it's B&W film develop it in Diafine. Diafine has the advantage that all films are developed for the same times. Diafine is a 2-bath developer. I think you do 3 minutes in each bath, regardless of temperature (over some range that I don't remember). Just follow the directions on the box.

Years ago Freestyle was selling an inexpensive B&W sheetfilm that they didn't identify (no name on the box) that had a notch code like what you show. I think it was ASA 100. I shot a lot of it in my first 5x7 view camera and really liked it. As I recall I used Diafine on that film.

11-Nov-2010, 11:35
Thanks a lot guys. I don't know that it is B&W, but that is all I am equipped to develop so I'll give it a shot.