View Full Version : Using a large format lens on the Fuji GX680?

6-Nov-2010, 21:05
Hi, I hope this scrapes in with regards to being suitable here. I currently own a Linhof Technika and have a variety of lenses for it. I have the option of picking up a cheap Fuji GX680 and see that it has the option of attaching a large format lens on it. Anyone have any experience with this? Do I need a special lensboard? Also, I understand it is a fully automated, electronic camera and was just wondering how you would go attaching a lens that it wasn't designed for on it? Also, I was toying with the ideal of converting it to take the 3.25 x 4.25 size Fuji instant film on it. Was also wondering if anyone had any idea of how it would cope when not using the dedicated roll film back?

If anyone has any suggestion at all, it would be hugely appreciated! Or, if someone could point me in the right direction for some information that would also be great.

Ok, thanks so much in advance. Best Regards Mandon

6-Nov-2010, 22:18
Which GX680? There are three models that I know of -- I, II and III.

I have only used the I -- pretty basic compared to the later models (no movements on the front standard, for example)

I don't know -- all the electronic connections between the back and the camera and between the body and the lens might make it pretty tough to modify it to the extent that you would like. Might be fun to try, though!


6-Nov-2010, 22:25
There's some information here: http://photo.net/medium-format-photography-forum/001hH2

But if you don't need the movements of the Fuji, a Shanel 5A shutter:
can be epoxied onto a Mamiya RB67 body cap, and barrel lenses can be used on the RB67.


7-Nov-2010, 07:00
You would surely loose the automatic functions related to the lens but out of the curiosity - why would you like to do something like this? To be able to use the LF lenses on the 6x8 format? You could probably go the other way and get an adaptor to use the Fuji roll film backs on a LF camera.

7-Nov-2010, 11:03
Fuji large format lenses are highly regarded by many......

But, Fuji's EBC Medium Format lenses consistently rank with the best of Medium Format in many ways.

Choosing LF lenses over Fuji MF lenses is a real slight to Fuji's strength in the area of MF lenses.

I seriously doubt you could hack a GX680 to take LF lenses and actually have a better shooter than the lenses made for the camera.

That said, I too, have totally wasted many man hours trying to hack camera gear. The shame of arrogance, that I could build a better camera than those that already exist.

Lynn Jones
8-Nov-2010, 10:27
If you can focus it, use it. I've used lots of large format lenses on 35mm and MF cameras and film backs with no difficulty. However it looks on LF it will look on MF or 35. This includes 600mm, 500mm, 300 mm, 250mm, and on down. These include WWII and post WWII optics up to modern. My only concern is pre-coated optics. If the natural or age coating hasn't been scrubbed off then they will be good as well. I used to shoot with a 1903 rapid rectilinear lens by B&L and really loved the darned thing.

Before I had more experience "they" used to say that there was a difference in the quality, or sharpness, or resolution from format to format. When I had the many opportunities to shoot with many formats, my happy surprise was that a good lens is a good lens! No reputable lens maker creates lenses that are less than the best that they can do.


12-Nov-2010, 02:29
Hi, Thanks for the responses.. With regards to the Fuji GX680, it was not so much my idea of hacking up the Fuji GX680 but something that I saw advertised... After some more research I finally came across this advert


that shows an adapter made by Fuji to take large format lenses. Why would I want to do this? I like extremely shallow depth of field for portraits and the Fuji lenses are sloow, so the thought of attaching some older, speed lenses seemed quite appealing. Anyone had any experience with this? Ok, thanks again. Cheers mandon