View Full Version : Use of Pyro With BTZ Tubes

howard s
18-May-2002, 06:23
i have been using tmax 400 with d76 and processing the negatives in d76. i want to try pyro but use it with btz tubes. can anyone tell me the technique to use? thanks.

Bjorn Nilsson
18-May-2002, 10:01
You can find plenty of answers in the "Film and Processing" forum of LUSENET. (You'll find the link to LUSENET at the top of the LF forum page.) <a href="http://www.photoformulary.com/">http://www.photoformulary.com/</ a> does have a choice of Pyro developers to choose from, and lots of tips too. I recall that ordinary PMK developer is not so good with rotary processing, hence you can try the "Rollo Pyro" formula, which have been reformulated for use with rotary processors/tubes. Good luck.

Bjorn Nilsson
18-May-2002, 10:02
</a> It was of course only the actual link that should be linked.